Draw the perfect winged eyes thanks to this TikTok filter

Winged eyeliner can make for a very alluring and sensual look, but if done wrong you might end up looking like you partied a bit too hard. There are a ton of YouTube video’s showing you how to do it, but sometimes you just need a bit of extra help. What if there was a way to just simply get guidelines on your face, so you knew exactly where to draw your eyeliner? Well as a matter of fact you can! Thanks to Grace Choi’s TikTok filter.

Winged eyeliner by grid

The filter “Eyeliner by gracemchoi” projects a grid onto your face to guide your hand as you draw the perfect wings. It takes the guesswork out of the whole thing, which makes it one of the most effective eyeliner tools we’ve seen so far. You simply start at the the end of your eye and follow a pink line up to where the line splits. After that just locate the point on your eyelid at the end of your iris and fill in the line from there. You can go as thick as you want and for an extra dramatic effect you can also follow one of the longer lines at the beginning. Easy right?

Grace Choi winged eyeliner TikTok filter
Winged eyeliner guide / Images: Grace Choi

More DIY beauty filters

If you’re looking for more techy beauty guidelines, definitely check out Grace Choi’s other TikTok filters. There’s a contouring filter that helps you sculpt your cheekbones according to the golden ratio and if you’re having trouble with where to place your blush, Choi’s got you covered as well. Two of her other filters help you see the pigmentation on the surface of your skin (jikes) and assist you in finding your ideal color palettes.

Grace Choi TikTok filter
Color palettes and skin pigmentation / Images: Grace Choi

So far we’re very excited about Choi’s work and will definitely keep an eye out for any new TikTok filters that make life just that much easier.

Ilona Braam

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