5 excellent detox teas for a much needed cleanse

Sometimes you can’t help yourself, because fast food, drinks and midnight snacks are just too enticing to ignore. But everything has a price and you might find yourself feeling sluggish after overindulging yourself. We get it, it’s normal, but don’t forget to also take care of your body with a good cleanse every now and then. No we’re not suggesting a (much dreaded) juice cleanse, but why not try out one of these 5 detox teas to take care of business.

1. Pukka Detox

Pukka Detox is made with organic cardamom pod, licorice root, coriander seed, turmeric root, aniseed and fennel seed. The blend should help improve your digestion and your body’s function. Good to know is that all Pukka tea bags are plastic-free. Pukka advises to pour boiling water directly on the bag to help the flavors fully disperse.

Pukka Detox tea
Time to detox / Image: Pukka

2. Traditional Medicinals – Organic Dandelion Chai Probiotic

Organic Dandelion Chai Probiotic Tea by Traditional Medicinals is an aromatic, warm and mildly spiced tea that supports a healthy digestion. It’s a mix of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and dandelion root, that’s caffeine-free, calorie-fee, and sure to give your body a much needed boost.

Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Chai Probiotic detox tea
Dandelion Chai Probiotic tea – Image: Traditional Medicinals

3. Kiss Me Organics – Raw Organic Dandelion Root Tea

This next detox tea by Kiss Me Organics also uses dandelion to give you a good cleanse. That’s because dandelion is a great source of potassium, which may help improve blood flow and help the kidney filter toxins more effectively. The tea supports digestion, kidney health and liver function and eliminates all those toxins you so willingly put into your body.

Kiss Me Organics Raw Organic Dandelion Root tea
Dandelion to flush out toxins / Image: Kiss me Organics

4. Organic India – Tulsi Cleanse

Tulsi Cleanse is another excellent detox tea to give your body a boost and get rid of all the bad things you did to it. The tea is a mix of adaptogenic Tulsi, ginger, turmeric, katuki and a bunch of other herbs. This blend is said to eliminate toxins, nourish and cleanse the body and support a healthy stress response.

Organic India Tulsi Cleanse tea
Tulse Cleanse / Image: Organic India

5. Yogi – Berry DeTox Tea

Yogi’s Berry DeTox Tea is another detox tea that utilizes the cleansing power of dandelion. Other ingredients are hibiscus, fennel seed, orange peel, ginger root, blueberries and burdock. The beverage leaves you with a revitalized feeling, ready to conquer the world. And the fun thing a bout Yogi tea is that every bag has a little bit of wisdom for you.

Yogi Berry DeTox teas
Detox tea with a bit of wisdom / Image: Yogi

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