iOS fashion fix: free apps to organize your wardrobe

If you love shopping for new outfits you know that after the initial bliss, there’s an eventual downside to having lots of clothes. At some point your closet seems to manifest a black hole that sucks your favorite items into oblivion. Fortunately you can battle the process by being slightly more organized. These five free iOS apps can help you pull those garments back into existence.

Pureple Outfit planner

First up is the Pureple Outfit Planner. Yep the spelling is correct, though the design of the app and logo do suggest they meant “purple”. Anyway the app allows you to upload photos of your clothes after which it automatically organizes them. After that you can swipe through your beloved garments to plan your outfits. Do this every now and then and that black hole won’t stand a chance.

Pureple Outfit Planner clothes app
Source: Iceclip


Cladwell lets you upload your clothes to the app as well, but also offers a database with over 16.000 items to choose from. This way you can be lazy and just select garments that are similar to yours. Other features of the app included following your friends’closets, discovering your personal style and outfits suggestions.

Cladwell wardrobe organizer
Source: Cladwell Inc.

Closet Love – Virtual Closet

Closet Love is another useful app to keep those clothes in line. According to its makers it even solves the age-old problem of not knowing what to wear. Use Closet Love to organize your tops, dresses, shirts etc and plan outfits for when you really need to impress. Or use it to keep track of items in the laundry and shop for some more in the meantime.

Closet Love - Virtual Closet wardrobe app
Source: Cyberlobe Technologies Pvt Ltd

Take charge of your clothes

It’s probably best to just try out the different apps and see which one works best for you. Then it might be time to shop for some more material to add.

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