Wear these items to fake an hourglass figure

Although all body types are beautiful and equally deserving of love, sometimes you just want to show off that hourglass figure. Ain’t got it? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Try out these styling tricks to start showing off those curves.

1. Cinch that waist

The first trick you can pull out of the bag is to grab a belt and cinch in your waist. It helps create the illusion of an hourglass figure, but make sure not to go too tight. You still want to be comfortable and pulling it in too tight will cause bulges above and below it. So choose a belt that complements your outfit and you’re good to go.

2. Peplums are you friend

Something else you could do to slim down that waist is go for a peplum top. It’s a great way to create the coveted silhouette while simultaniously covering any tummy business you’d rather not share with the world.

Amazon peplum top
A peplum top creates the illusion of an hourglass figure / Image: Amazon.com

3. High waisted bottoms

High waisted skirts, shorts or pants also tuck that tummy away and create the illusion of a slimmer waist, which in turn causes you to look more hourglassy. An added benefit of high waisted pants is that they also make your legs seem longer and that gives you an overal slimming effect.

4. The side panel trick

An instant fix for your hourglass cravings is wearing a top or dress that has side panels. The talented Stell McCartney originally started the side panel trend and the dresses unsurprisingly sold out almost instantly. Side panels have an incredibly slimming effect and give you instant curves.

Amazon side panel dress
Instant curves with side panels / Image: Amazon.com

5. Embellishments on top

Another way to make the waist seem smaller is by putting the focus on top. You can do that by choosing a blouse with embellishments on the shoulders and sleeves for example. This makes your shoulders seem broader and your waist slimmer by comparison. So go for volumous sleeves or large lapels and let them do the heavy lifting.

6. Tuck in that shirt

Last but not least, you can finally start tucking in that shirt. Letting it hang loose around your body isn’t doing you any favors in the hourglass department and actually hides your beautiful figure. Don’t tuck in the whole thing though, just the front. It’s a small trick, but it can make a big difference.

Ilona Braam

Ilona is a Digital Media Design graduate, content writer/creator and a whole bunch of other things. A few words that would describe her are jolly, creative, nerdy, curious and a bit dark.