Why pampering yourself is important for your happiness

A lot of women feel selfish when they take time for themselves to go to a spa, have a facial or just relax and do nothing at all. They feel guilty because there are a ton of things they feel they should be doing and honestly this is a big problem. Looking after yourself is not optional and is something that will also benefit your loved ones. This is why we should all practice self care and how it can make you a happier person.

Neglecting yourself backfires

When you choose to go a million miles an hour doing your job, taking care of your kids or being the perfect lover, you’re not only damaging yourself. What you’re also doing is making yourself less able to do those things you’re neglecting yourself for. A 2019 study found that student nurses neglecting their own health and wellness needs while training to look after others might actually reduce their effectiveness while doing their jobs.

Benefits of self care

So taking care of yourself is not only something you do for yourself, but also for the people in your life. Now that you don’t have to feel guilty about it anymore, let’s talk about the benefits of self care. It has been clinically proven that engaging in a self-care routine can reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, improve concentration, reduce stress, elevate energy levels, minimize frustration and increase happiness. Does this not sound like a win-win-win situation?

Are you neglecting yourself?

Maybe you do take time every now and then to read a book or give yourself a facial, but is it enough? If you’re not sure you’re taking care of yourself well enough, here are some signs that you might have to up your self care routine: irritability, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, trouble concentrating, depression and anxiety.

Does that list pretty much describe your day to day life? Time to switch things up. Self care is basically doing things for yourself that you enjoy. It’s important to pamper yourself regularly, because you’re worth it and you deserve to be loved by yourself. Also make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, make time for your hobbies, practice gratitude, and to listen to what your body and emotions are telling you.

Ilona Braam

Ilona is a Digital Media Design graduate, content writer/creator and a whole bunch of other things. A few words that would describe her are jolly, creative, nerdy, curious and a bit dark.