Are you in a rebound relationship? These are the signs

Breakups can be brutal and if you’re just coming out of a relationship it’s generally a good idea to take some time for yourself. Some people don’t do that however and move straight on to the next relationship. Even though they’re really still hung up on their ex. Enter the rebound relationship. Are you wondering if your partner is using you as a rebound? These are the signs to be looking out for

1. Recent breakup serious relationship

One of the most important signs that you might be in a rebound relationship is the fact that your new hubby recently got out of a serious relationship. After a serious relationship people usually do need some time to find themselves again and get used to their new reality, before they’re ready to commit to someone new. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s definitely something you want to keep in mind.

2. He won’t let you in

Another sign that you might be a rebound is if your partner doesn’t want to open up to you emotionally. He might feel vulnerable and afraid to get hurt again. But the fact is that he doesn’t trust you with his emotions. Not opening up emotionally is incidentally also a sign that you might be dating a narcissist. Both options aren’t great.

3. Always about the ex

If the person you’re dating is constantly talking about his or her ex, you’re probably in trouble. It’s a sure sign that there is some unresolved business there and that your partner might still have feelings for his ex. In any case it’s a sign that there are still some things to sort out.

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4. No long term plans

Something else that doesn’t vote well is him not committing to long term plans. When you first start dating someone you probably don’t want to start planning a vacation for the upcoming year. But if you’ve been together for a while it’s not a good sign that your boo is only interested in short term plans. He might not see you as long term material, because he knows you’re just a distraction for now aka a rebound.

5. Who are his friends

Him already knowing he isn’t committed to a long term relationship usually also results in you never getting to meet his close friends or relatives. The relationship isn’t serious enough for you to meet them and if you’re not up for just a bit of fun, you should probably call it quits. Although sometimes there might be a good explanation. He might have an abusive family for example, he doesn’t want to expose you to. As always it’s important to talk things through.

6. It’s all about the attention

When you’re in a rebound relationship the person you’re with is probably trying to distract himself so he won’t think about his ex. If that’s the case you’re probably just there for the attention you give them. Figure out if they’re also interested in you and your feelings and it’s not just about you being interested in them. Rebound or not, that’s never a good thing and again a sign you might be dating a narcissist.

Are you in a rebound relationship

If you’re significant other shows one of the signs above, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in a rebound relationship. Talk about the things that don’t sit well with you and share your honest feelings. But if he shows several of the signs or even all of them, it might be time to assess what the relationship is really about.

Ilona Braam

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