AI-Powered productivity: phraser makes midjourney and DAll-E prompts a breeze

AI generated art seems to have taken over the internet and even won an award in a Colorado contest recently. Of course you could debate the validity of the entry, but everyone would agree that the artwork is in fact very intriguing. There’s a catch though. Yes you can create amazing art with DALL-E and Midjourney, but it can be quite difficult to generate exactly what you envisioned. Luckily there’s a new AI in town to help you with those pesky prompts. Meet Phraser, the artificial intelligence that tells his AI buddies exactly what you want.

The frustration of prompts

It can be pretty frustrating when you’re trying to get your AI art generator to create a certain image and it keeps coming up with something completely different. You have to be pretty precise when thinking of prompts and even then it’s a bit of a gamble. It gets especially frustrating when you realize that every prompt you generate costs you credits or GPU time. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make the process of creating prompts easier? Oh wait yes that’s what we’re here for, the solution is called Phraser.

How Phraser AI works

So Phraser is an AI that holds your hand while making prompts. The program basically asks you a bunch of questions to determine what image you want your designated AI generator to create. You can create prompts for DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Disco Diffusion, And Craiyon (Craiyon is totally free btw, but less mind blowing than the other AIs).

Generating a prompt / Screenshot: Phraser

After you give Phraser a description of your image, it gives options for the style, color, texture, resolution, camera settings, feeling and era. And after you’ve fed the machine all the information, it generates a prompt that should get you exactly what you want. As you’re picking your preferences, Phraser also shows you the results of similar prompts on the right.

Phraser Prompts search

If you’re trying to get more insight into what kind of images are created by certain prompts, you can take a look at Phraser’s prompts search feature. It runs on a database of millions of images that were previously created by DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Instead of searching by keywords you can search by the meaning of the prompt. It could save you a lot of time and money as you can immediately see how certain styles and descriptions affect the results.

Previously generated Dall-E 2 and Midjourney images / Screenshot: Phraser

Phraser is completely free so if your prompts are giving you a headache, you should definitely give it a go. If you create brilliant prompts you might even be able to make money from them. There’s actually a marketplace where people can sell their prompts.

header image: Phraser

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