Le Creuset who? Aldi’s pumpkin casserole is a budget-friendly dupe

The French brand Le Creuset is mostly known for its high quality cookware, that even your meemaw would approve of. The one big problem with the brand though is that the prices are pretty steep. If you love fall and Halloween you probably have your eye on the new limited edition pumpkin casserole. Unfortunately you’ll have to dish out around 300 USD to call it your own. Or do you? If you really need a pumpkin casserole in your life, Aldi has a pretty good 15 USD dupe.

Le Creuset Pumpkin vs Aldi

Before we go any further we should establish that of course the Aldi casserole is not exactly the same as the Le Creuset pumpkin. There are some obvious differences, but that’s to be expected with the huge price disparity. The main difference between the two casseroles is that the Le Creuset Pumpkin is made out of cast iron, while the Aldi alternative is a glazed stoneware casserole.

Another difference is the size of the pumpkins. While Le Creuset’s version has room for 3,7 liter of yumminess, Aldi’s alternative has a capacity of about 2 liter.

Aldi Crofton pumpkin casserole le creuset dupe

Aldi’s Crofton pumpkin casserole

Let’s talk about the rest of the features you can expect from the Aldi casserole, which is actually from the brand Crofton. The pumpkin should be oven safe up to 450 °F (232 °C) and is advertised to be stain resistant and easy to clean. It’s made out of high-fired ceramic with a scratchproof glace, to make sure your food doesn’t stick to the thing. And although pumpkins are usually orange, you can also get the casserole in white with a golden stem.

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