This new AI is your personal interior designer

As we all know Pinterest is one of the best places to dive into if you’re looking for design inspiration for your home. But as great as the pins are, wouldn’t it be even better if you could see them executed in your own spaces? If this feature is something you always thought someone should make, we have good news. Someone did infact find a way to virtually redesign your rooms in different styles. That someone is @levelsio and thanks to his brainchild InteriorAI you now have a personal interior designer.

Redesign your room with the click of a button

Interior AI is a website that helps you redesign your rooms with literally the click of a button. To get started you can upload a picture of the room you want to style and then choose a few different options for the results. The most important option is of course the style you’re going for and you can play around with 20 different options. Would you like your room to feel modern, or would you rather get submerged in a tribal, industrial or cyberpunk vibe?

original image living room
Original image living room vaporwave style
Vaporwave style / Image: InteriorAI

Apart from the style you can also select the mode, how many renders you get, the resolution of the renders, and if the renders are private or public. And if you want to change the function of the room altogether, you can also decide what kind of room it’s supposed to transform into. ski chalet
Ski chalet vibes / Image: InteriorAI
Tropical interior interiorai
Tropical interior / Image: InteriorAI

InteriorAI free vs. paid version

To get a taste of InteriorAI you get a few free transformations in three different styles. The options for the free version are very limited and to really get playing around you’ll need a paid subscription. The Pro subscription will cost you 29 USD per month and comes with unlimited renders, more styles and room types, virtual staging mode, and a bunch more options. You also get to keep your renders private as opposed to displaying them on the website. Check out to check out all the options.

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