Time to transform your boring dresser into this honeycomb bombshell

Buying and putting together IKEA furniture has almost become a rite of passage. We’ve pretty much all done it and assembling your IKEA package with your lover is apparently a great way to check if the relationship has any merit to it. Something else that is unequivocally tied to the Swedish furniture is hacking it. The web is full of IKEA hacks and that makes sense. It’s a fun way to give your relatively cheap table, cabinet or bed a touch of glam and style. So for all of you out there that have a IKEA Tarva dresser in need of sprucing up, check out this brilliant IKEA hack by Ashley Phipps to transform it into a luxurious golden honeycomb dresser.

Modest Tarva to golden diva

So you needed a dresser and now you have IKEA’s Tarva in your room. Yes it’s a decent dresser, but if you’re fair you know it could use some pazazz. Alright time to get busy, because Ashley’s IKEA hack is going to give you a dresser you’ll feel honored to put your blankets, socks and random things in. Head over to simplydesigning.net to check out the full tutorial with step by step descriptions of what she did for the transformation.

IKEA Tarva dresser
Modest Tarva dresser / Image: IKEA

Taxing IKEA hack, but worth it

A few things you need are square molding, brad nails, wood glue, sandpaper and gold metallic paint. Ashley started out by creating a trim for the front of the dresser, assisted by a nail gun and wood glue. After that she used diagonal pieces of trim the complete the octagonal shape of the honeycomb and after some putty and sanding the dresser was ready for a fresh coat of paint.

simplydesigning.net Ikea hack Tarva honeycomb dresser
Fabulous makeover / Image: simplydesigning.net

HomeRight DIY challenge

The DIY tutorial was part of a HomeRight challenge to re-invent the IKEA tarva dresser using one of HomeRight’s tools. In this case it was the HomeRight FinishMax Pro Fine Finish Sprayer and from what we can tell, it did its job perfectly. Well done, now we just wish we had a Tarva dresser to get cozy with.

Once you’re finished with this IKEA hack you might need some decorations to put on top of it. Are your hands still itching? Why not try out this cheap and easy GIY-project to make your very own Himmeli geometric sculpture.

Header image: simplydesigning.net

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