Get legs for days with these fashion hacks

Some women are blessed with long legs that seem to stretch for miles, while others have to strut it with shorter looking gams. If you fall into the latter category but would like the illusion of longer legs, we’ve got you covered. Try out these 10 style tips to instantly appear to be gliding around on longer legs. No genes required.

1. High waist pants

When it comes to pants and jeans, not all of them are going to help you with your quest for longer legs. Going for a high waist model visually elongates your legs, but don’t go for pants that are super high. Those might make your legs look longer, but they might also simultaneously give you a weirdly short looking upper body. Play around with different high waist models to find the one that gives you a balanced long legged look.

2. Long pants, long legs

Apart from not going too high on top, you also want to keep an eye on the length of your pants. If you go too long and your pants are flopping around on the floor, it could look like you’re not long enough for the pants and shorten your overall look. Instead choose a model that stops around your ankle bone. Going higher also makes your legs look shorter.

3. Tucked shirts elongate

Something else that gives you the illusion of longer legs is tucking in your top or shirt. By doing that you can show more of your legs, which makes them look longer. If you tuck in just the front, you get the extra benefit of enhancing the hourglass figure look. Check out these other styling tips and tricks if you’re interested in faking that hourglass figure.

4. Cropped jackets

Cropped jackets do the same magic for your legs as those tucked in shirts. A cropped jacket makes your torso look somewhat shorter, giving more length to the legs. Again be careful not to throw your body proportions totally off balance.

Zara cropped jacket
Cropped jacket for longer legs / Image: Zara

5. Point those toes

Your shoes can also help achieve that legs for days look. Go for shoes with a pointed or almond shaped front to add a little bit to the visual length of your legs. Of course pointed shoes aren’t always the hot trend, so you have some important choices to make.

6. Vertical stripes

We always get warned not to wear horizontal stripes on top if you want to look slimmer, but instead wear something with vertical stripes. The same goes for your pants. Vertical lines will give the illusion of longness and slim your legs down at the same time.

Asos pants with vertical stripes
Vertical stripes are your friends / Image: Asos

7. If you ain’t got it, flaunt it

Skirts can also help in the battle against short looking legs. The rule here is to go short or maxi. If you like short skirts, make sure they hit above your knee. Cutting off your calves with the hem of your skirt will make your legs look shorter. On the other hand if you go longer and hit your ankles, you’re back to elongating your lower limbs.

8. Monochromatic outfits

Something else you could try is an outfit in one color to create an uninterrupted visual line. Do try to work with different shades of that color to spice things up and keep it interesting.

9. Elongating nudes

To take the monochromatic look even further, you could opt to wear shoes in the same color as your outfit or at least the bottom part. This makes the visual line of your body even longer. Another option is to go for shoes in a nude color when you’re wearing a short skirt or when you’re showing off your legs in shorts. The nude look gives you just that bit of extra length.

Zara nude pumps
Nude and pointed double elongating action / Image: Zara

10. No ankle straps

While we’re on the subject of shoes, it’s best to stay away from ankle straps. The straps visually cut your legs and disrupt the flowing line that helps make them look longer. Just go for cute pumps without straps and if you can find them in nude, that’s an extra elongating bonus.

Ilona Braam

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