DJ Andrew Martin drops new collection album & exclusive interview

Yes it finally happened! The talented DJ Andrew Martin has dropped a brand new collection album for all you hungry EDM lovers. The release, titled “Collection 02”, is a riveting compilation of everything Andrew is known for and to make your day even more satisfying, we got an exclusive interview with “Luxembourg’s best Electronic DJ 2022”.

Reflective electronic experience

Collection 02 was released under Andrew’s Area 352 Records and is a “reflection on the past months of Andrew’s production and travels as a DJ and producer”. So get ready for inspiration from Portugal, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, to name a few countries. And for those of you that didn’t know, yes Andrew Martin is also a producer and has in fact produced two number 1 selling albums, “Soul Garden” and “Flight”.

As it happens the release of the new collection album coincides with the 200th edition of Speed of Sound, the radio show Andrew is a big part of. Perfect timing we’d say. The show is broadcast globally in various countries. Tune in every Friday to engulf yourself in the latest techno, tech house, house and progressive mixes.

So are you ready for Collection 02? Be one of the very first to get your hands on Andrew’s fresh new tracks. The album is available through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Beatport. Enjoy!

Tune in every Friday for the Speed of Sound radio show

What we’d like to know about DJ Andrew Martin

As mentioned we got to ask DJ Andrew a few questions to get a bit of insight into his world. Feel like we missed anything? Send us a message and who knows, we might be able to convince Andrew to answer a few more 😉

1. How would you describe your music? Where do you find inspiration for
your tracks?

I draw inspiration from many places, whether it’s hearing a DJ play in special moments in a club or festival, to hearing tracks online that have something a little different. I can draw influence from almost anywhere and associate certain tracks with certain emotions and experiences.

2. How has the pandemic impacted you and your life as a DJ?

It certainly slowed down the gig schedule a lot. Even now, it is taking time to get back to my normal tour schedule, but taking time to do this has altered my goals with what I want to achieve and has allowed me to be more patient and selective with the gigs that I take.

3. Are there certain countries that are especially difficult to get gigs in?

For some reason, Belgium has always been tricky for me to get gigs and I have no idea why.

4. Who would you love to meet?

To be honest, I have met most of the people I ever wanted to meet. So I guess I would have to say Quentin Tarantino, simply because he has such an amazing vision of remixing history and reality, it would be quite an interesting conversation.

5. What is the worst track someone could request?

Anything Reggaeton.

6. Do you have any tips for upcoming DJs?

Be nice to everyone you work with. You never know if you might need to work with them again.

7. As artificial intelligence is becoming more pervasive, it was a matter of time before AI generated music made its debut. Petr Serkin’s Eternal Flow ( is an automated radio station that generates techno and deep house for example.

Have you heard any AI techno? Do you see a future where artificial intelligence enhances electronic music or even makes successful tracks on its own?

It’s inevitable that this will happen, however I still feel the soul is missing from many of the rhythms. Adding swing aspects to assist the groove just don’t seem to be there and therefore comes out sounding more like a demo song on an electronic keyboard.

Catch a gig near you

If you’re looking for a fun and danceable night, we’d definitely recommend checking out Andrew Martin in real life. The best chance to catch him at the turntables is in Luxembourg, as that’s where the DJ is based. But no worries, Andrew travels the globe to spread the message of electronic music. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on the latest gigs.

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