Yes you can make these luxury bath bombs yourself

Taking time for yourself is an important self-care step and one of the best ways to calm down after a busy day is a hot relaxing bath. A great way to enhance your bubbling me-time is by going for a bath bomb. But not all bath bombs are created equal. Looking for something unique to add some glam to your bath routine? Well then it’s time to get your hands dirty with these DIY luxury bath bombs.

1. Moisturizing milk & honey

If you’ve been dealing with dry skin lately, you should definitely try out these moisturising milk & honey bath bombs by Country Hill Cottage. The recipe combines milk powder, cocoa butter and honey powder for a hydrated soft skin. You even get a bit of exfoliation going on, thanks to the lactic acid.

Bath bombs milk and honey
Golden honey bath bombs / Image: Country Hill cottage

2. Relaxing Thai tea bath

Baths are meant to relax and to make your me-time extra soothing, you’ll need these marble looking Thai tea bath bombs by Far From Normal. You can use any brand of Thai tea for this DIY project and Far From Normal advises using essential oils to really get that fragrance in there. Typical Thai tea ingredients are ginger, allspice, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

Thai tea bath bomb
Relax with Thai tea / Image: Far From Normal

3. DIY lavender and oatmeal bath bombs

Another great DIY bath project for dry skin is making these lavender and oatmeal bath bombs by Beauty Crafter. Both ingredients are soothing for the skin and the smell of lavender does the same for your mind. The bath bombs give a purple glow to your water, but adding a colorant is optional. Something else that’s optional is grinding the oats. It makes cleaning up afterwards easier, but you might prefer the oats gently floating around you.

lavender and oatmeal DIY bath bombs
Soothing lavender and oatmeal / Image: Beauty Crafter

4. Easy eucalyptus bath bomb

These gorgeous eucalyptus bath bombs by Country Hill Cottage were inspired by one of their readers’ request for a sinus relief bath option. And indeed eucalyptus is great for clearing your sinuses, but also beneficial if you have respiratory problems or even just a headache. A few things you’ll need for this DIY project are green spirulina powder, eucalyptus essential oil, baking soda, and of course bath bomb molds.

eucalyptus bath bombs
Bath bombs to clear your sinuses / Image: country Hill Cottage

5. Iridescent pearl bath bombs

To create these glorious iridescent pearl bath bombs by Soap Queen you’ll be playing with rose gold and aqua pearl mica for the beautiful ombré effect. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to do while the overall effect is very fairylike. The sea butter in the bath bombs make them perfect for boosting your skin. As the name would suggest you can also check out Soap Queen’s website for fun DIY soap projects.

Iridescent pearl bath bombs
Pearly bath delight / Image: Soap Queen

6. French salt in your bath

Bath bombs are great to enhance your baths, but even greater if they look like this delicate version by Bramble Berry. The bath bombs are made out of French gray sea salt and seaweed extract to keep your mind relaxed and your skin smooth as butter. You’ll need a disc mold for this project, but if you don’t have one no worries. Bramble Berry has all the necessary ingredients and tools and you can add the entire project to your shopping cart with one click.

French salt bath bombs
French grey salt luxury bath bombs / Image: Bramble Berry

7. Crystal bath bombs

If you’ve mastered the basics of DIY bath bombs, it’s time to move on to these advanced crystal ones by Soap Queen. As you might have guessed these bath bombs were inspired by geodes and to get the crystal-like texture you’ll need fine grained Dead Sea salt. Other ingredients you’ll have to get ready are deodorized cocoa butter, jade fragrance oil and citric acid.

crystal bath bombs
Advanced DIY bath bombs / Image: Soap Queen

Making your own bath bombs is a great way to get creative, while rewarding yourself at the end with a hot relaxing bath. Both do wonders for your peace of mind and can give you an immediate happiness boost. Looking for more ways to express your creativity? Then check out these fun glam it yourself projects.

Ilona Braam

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