It’s a car, it’s a scooter, NO D-Fly launches world’s first hyperscooter

You know about hypercars, but have you ever heard about a hyperscooter? Well if you haven’t, you’re about to because London based recreation vehicle company D-Fly has just unleashed the world’s first hyperscooter. So let’s get up close and personal with Dragonfly.

Dragonfly world’s first hyperscooter

So what exactly is a hyperscooter? It’s a scooter, but one that’s a whole lot faster, more feature packed, and significantly more stable. Dragonfly is designed to be the next generation of e-mobility to cater to a world with ever-changing demands.

“The urban mobility industry is burgeoning, and we realized a need for a more advanced, high-quality product that would usher in a new era of e-mobility. With Dragonfly, we are confident that we have created something truly special that will change the way people move around cities and not only today but forever.” – says Jez Williman, the CEO of D-Fly Group. And hence Dragonfly was born.

D-Fly Dragonfly hyperscooter
Next generation of e-mobility / Image: D-Fly

Four wheeled full-tilt steering

The sleek and futuristic looking scooter was developed by a team of award-winning British and American engineers and does indeed take urban mobility to the next level. The hyperscooter features a patented 3-dimensional full-tilt steering system, engaging all 4 wheels at once. Yes did we mention the thing has 4 wheels? All motions of the rider are synced, which makes for a very intuitive way of steering. And what’s more the 4 wheels offer an added level of stability, while you swerve through the city.

First ever dual wishbone suspension

To get things going Dragonfly is outfitted with two powerful 550 W motors providing a total peak power of up to 1,650 Watts to all 4 wheels. Translated to speed that means you get to whiz around at up to 40 km/h (25 mph). You might be worried about how comfortable that would feel, but there’s really nothing to worry about there thanks to the first-ever dual wishbone suspension. All 4 wheels enjoy a fully adjustable hydraulic damped sprung suspension, full axle articulation and adjustable deck suspension.

80 km range

Well obviously you need some kind of display to keep an eye on your speed and D-Fly did indeed think about that. The hyperscooter features a 3,5 inch color display to check your speed, trip range, speed mode, light status and battery performance. Speaking of the battery, a single charge should be good for about 80 km and the company promises the battery should be ready again after 3 hours.

Of course you don’t always HAVE to go at 40 km/h. That’s the scooter’s D3 speed mode. You could also take things slow and choose D1 (15 km/h) or D2 (25 km/h). Whichever speed you choose, it’s always a good idea to make some kind of sound to alert innocent bystanders. That’s why the device provides ride sounds and an electric horn. The thing also features spoken navigation, so you actually know where you’re going.

D-Fly Dragonfly hyperscooter
Image: D-Fly

Tamper proof security

To make sure no-one makes off with your brand new Dragonfly, the hyperscooter will sound an audible alarm if anyone tries to tamper with it. And if they do manage to get away, you can track them thanks to the built-in GPS tracker. To make it harder for anyone to get any ideas you can also lock the e-scooter with a four-digit pin. This disables the electronic system until you re-enter the code..

Get your hands on Dragonfly hyperscooter

If you’re ready to hype up your scooter game, you can get your hands on the Dragonfly through Indiegogo. Dragonfly actually comes in two different models: DF and the off-road DFX. The DF version is meant for smooth riding in urban areas and parks, while DFX is perfect for more challenging terrains with its wider fenders and handguards.

If you go for the Dragonfly DF you’ll have to part with 1750 pounds (about 1875 USD). Als you might have guessed, the DFX model is a bit more expensive and will set you back 2100 pounds (2250 USD).

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