We asked AI for the new fall 2022 fashion trends. The results are amazing

By now we all know that artificial intelligence can make stunning artworks and photo-realistic images. We’ve even seen some fashion tricks from DALL-E and Midjourney and that made us wonder. Could the image generating AIs also predict trends? We put it to the test and asked Craiyon to show us the new fall 2022 fashion trends. Unfortunately Craiyon isn’t as advanced as the aforementioned AIs, but it did generate some stunning pieces we would definitely drool over. Albeit worn by demonlike figures.

Luxurious brown shades

We’ve been playing around with different shades of brown this summer and according to Craiyon the trend will continue throughout fall. Granted, brown is more of an autumn color to begin with. It’s definitely not dull though. From shiny jackets to ultra soft looking overcoats in voluminous designs. If you’re tired of tight fitting outfits, you’ll be glad to know that oversized seems to be a big thing in the coming fashion season.

Craiyon AI fall 2022 fashion trends
Fall 2022 fashion trends / Image: Craiyon

From white to cream

There’s a perfect shade of white for everyone and that’s great because all of them will be hot this fall. Icy white is great for people with a cool undertone in their skin, while warmer shades brighten up those of us with a more golden undertone. We’re pretty amazed by the designs here and think the AI did a splendid job of making fashionweek worthy pieces. This is a great example of how texture, volume, and unique design create pazzaz, even if you’re working with dull colors.

Craiyon AI fall 2022 fashion trends white
Soft creamy whites / Image: Craiyon

Bright neon green

But fall 2022 isn’t just about shy color choices. On the contrary. If you’ve embraced the popular dopamine dressing trend, you can keep on wearing those bright colors next season. Especially neon green will be a trending color. Go full-on neon from head to toe, or mix it with neutral colors to tone it down. It all works and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Craiyon AI fall 2022 fashion trends
Turn heads in neon green / Image: Craiyon

More dopamine dressing

Apart from neon green, you can go for pretty much any vibrant color you want. The overall theme this fall does seem to be volume, so try playing with proportions. You don’t want to walk around looking like a balloon. So if you have volume on top, tone it down with tighter pants or a skirt with a slimmer fit. A colorful jacket with broad shoulders makes for the perfect item to bring your dopamine dressing to the office.

Craiyon AI fall  2022 fashion trends dopamine dressing
Dopamine dressing in fall / Image: Craiyon

Interesting textures

Another trend we noticed while scanning the Craiyon generated images is lots of striking textures and patterns. Again, volume is key here. And while the looks are definitely not something you’d wear to your local supermarket, they actually do look very comfortable. So get ready for glamorous comfort this fall,

Craiyon AI fall 2022 fashion trends textures
Playing around with textures / Image: Craiyon

Fall 2022 footwear

After going through Craiyon’s fall 2022 fashion trends, we couldn’t help but wonder what the AI’s forecast for footwear could possibly be. After running a prompt it seems we can expect a mix of pointed, rounded, and square shoes. As far as colors go, we can expect neutral, sparkly, a bit of dopamine dressing, and even some color blocking. And yes we’ve noticed that some of the shoes look very “interesting” to say the least.

Ai fall 2022 fasion trends shoes
Compelling fall 2022 footwear / Image: Craiyon

We doubt Craiyon is connected to any data that has anything to do with trend forecasting, but who knows. The AI might be on to something. Come fall we’ll see how spot on its predictions are.

Header image: Craiyon

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