Balenciaga’s new bag is actually a Bluetooth speaker

Have you ever been somewhere, like a park or beach, and just wished you had a speaker with you to play your favorite tunes? But of course you forgot to bring your Bluetooth speaker with you. Or maybe you thought of it, but it just didn’t fit in your bag. Well it seems Balenciaga and Bang & Olufsen have found the end all solution to this specific problem. The two brands decided to collaborate and have created a limited-edition bag you don’t have to carry your speaker in. That’s because the bag itself is the speaker.

Functional bag and speaker

The new speaker bag made its debut at Balenciaga’s 51st couture show in Paris. During the show different models, including Naomi Campbell, demonstrated its capabilities as they made their way down the runway while having the bag play music. You might think that the whole thing is basically a speaker you can carry around, but Balenciaga assures us you can actually use it to hold your things.

“This innovative device is part bag, part Bluetooth sound system. It can be used as a portable speaker, a functional purse, or both, as a true hybrid product.”

Balenciaga speaker bag
Carry your music everywhere you go / Image: Balenciaga, Bang & Olufsen

Blur the boundaries between speakers and bags

Bang & Olufsen explains that the goal of the bag is to blur the divide between speakers and bags with “an avant-garde, boundary-pushing design”. Looking at the design we must admit that boundaries have indeed been blurred. The front of the bag is outfitted with speaker holes, which is where the music emerges. Thanks to the buttons under the handles, you can adjust the sound on the go. Then there’s the back of the thing, which functions as the “bag part”, where you can store your personal belongings.

It might seem like a gimmicky gadget, but according to Bang & Olufson we should expect the quality sound that the brand is known for. Even in the form of a bag. “The front of the bag features Bang & Olufsen’s signature portable speaker styling; a perfect pattern of speaker holes meticulously placed to ensure the best sound quality without compromising on a sleek aesthetic,” the audio company explained.

Header image: Bang & Olufsen on Instagram

Source: Dezeen

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