Elegance coach: NEVER wear these 10 items in fall

We’re a few weeks into fall and that means storing away those summer outfits and transitioning to a new wardrobe. According to elegance coach Anna Bey that’s where a lot of women go wrong. She recently shared her take on what fashion items an elegant lady should avoid wearing in fall. Have you dabbled with the forbidden items? Here’s what you need to know to stay stylish and tasteful during the colder months.

1. Skinny jeans with chelsea boots

A first big nono on Anna’s list is wearing skinny jeans with chelsea boots or booties. According to the elegance coach it makes you look incredibly basic and it’s not flattering for pretty much all body shapes. The boots cut your legs off, making you look shorter and broader. The right way to wear short boots? Under your trousers.

skinny jeans with chelsea boots
Skinny jeans with chelsea booties

2. Teddy coats

Another thing you should absolutely stay away from if you want to look elegant is the teddy coat. Sure it’s warm and fluffy, but Anna explains that it looks like you just put your morning robe on and are on your way to brush your teeth. The coat widens you and takes away any shape you might have. Anna suggests going for a coat with a more feminine shape or something that’s a bit more sleek with a thinner material.

teddy coat
Stay away from teddy coats

3. Utility & cargo style

Last summer cargo pants were a big hit, but they’re also a no-go for elegant ladies, according to ana. The utility and cargo style is very casual and looks like “I couldn’t really care less what I’m wearing today”, says Anna. Instead of a cargo jacket go for a structured coat or a nice blazer.

cargo style, don't wear if you want to be elegant

4. Open toe sandals

We don’t know why anyone would wear open toe sandals when it’s cold outside, but apparently loads of people do. Unsurprisingly the open toe sandal is one of the items on the list, because it’s inappropriate for fall, cold and not elegant. Anna does give an exception: say you’re wearing an evening gown and pumps or boots look weird underneath your dress. Yes then you could go for open toe sandals.

Open toe sandals in fall is a no go
Open toe sandals in fall: inappropriate and cold

5. Heavy knit scarf

Something else you shouldn’t be seen in is a heavy knit scarf. The kind that looks like you “almost have a doughnut around you”. According to Anna it makes you look like a real plain Jane. To stay elegantly warm choose a different texture or material. In any case stay clear of those big knits.

heavy knit scarf item never to wear in fall
Heavy knit scarves make you look “plain jane”

6. Leggings with high boots

We’re not a big fan of leggings to begin with, so we’re happy to hear leggings with high boots are on Anna’s forbidden list. According to the YouTuber it screams “I don’t care, who cares, whatever, I can’t be bothered, I’m lazy”. She actually doesn’t really have that much to say about this look. It’s fine if you don’t care about looking elegant, but otherwise it’s just no.

Leggings with high boots
Another combination for “plain Jane land”

7. Plaid shirts

Anna explains that plaid isn’t something that should be avoided at all times. It could even be elegant and chic. The rule here is though that it’s never chic or elegant when presented as an oversized sloppy shirt. Our take is that if you’re not going to some cowboy themed party, just stay away from plaid shirts.

Plaid shirts
Plaid is fine, just not as an oversized shirt

8. Black tights with contrasting shorts

For a lot of women black tights are a go to staple when it starts getting colder outside. And there’s nothing wrong with them, depending on how you combine them. Combining black tights with shorts in a contrasting color is a major elegance sin, according to Anna. It looks weird, it’s not flattering and it makes you look shorter. You could go for black shorts though or for something that’s in the same color scheme, like gray. That looks more elegant and even elongates your legs.

Black thights with contrasting shorts
Contrasting shorts make you look shorter

9. Black tights with contrasting shoes

Sticking with the black tights, according to the coach it’s also not a great idea to combine them with contrasting shoes. The only color shoes you can really wear with them is black.

Black thights with contrasting shoes
Only black shoes go with black tights

10. Oversized sweater dress

Last on the list of items you should never wear in fall is the oversized sweater dress, although there is an exception. Anna approves of sweater dresses that are long enough to actually be considered dresses. What makes them inelegant is wearing them too short. If it’s too short it looks ridiculous, like you’re just wearing a sweater and forgot your pants.

Oversized sweater dress
Sweater dresses are fine, just not too short

So now you know what to avoid this season. Check out Anna Bey’s YouTube channel for more advice on looking elegant and elevated. She even has a free workshop that points out 10 brutal mistakes that show you’re not elegant.

Ilona Braam

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