Alexa make me beautiful: 5 beauty skills for your routine

When we say Alexa, who do you think of? Probably Amazon’s virtual assistant. The smart home queen has pretty much become a household name and is one of the go to assistents to control your smart devices. But did you know Alexa is also pretty knowledgeable when it comes to beauty?Check out these handy Alexa skills to incorporate in your beauty routine.

Meditation as beauty skill

As most of us are aware, stress ages the skin prematurely and is one of the biggest no-nos for preserving healthy-looking skin. Meditation is a powerful stress-reduction technique and according to some your skin is more susceptible to cosmetic products when you’re relaxed. Alexa’s Beauty Meditation skill proviced you with several calming soundtracks tailored to your beauty regimen. To name a few, consider “Moisturizing meditation,” “Stress free gorgeous skin,” and “One of a kind beauty.”

Extra extra hear all about it

The next skill is all about staying up to date with the latest beauty trends, cause you never know if you might learn something useful. Use Beauty News to find out what’s happening with influencers, guru’s, and industry leaders. And discover new beauty services and products.

Alexa, Make Me Beautiful

This skill can literally give you beautiful skin if you follow the advice Alexa has for you. Simply say “Alexa, make me beautiful” and a whole world opens up to make it happen. Learn how to get rid of dark spots, acne or get tips on makeup, exfoliation and even plants.

Clever Hacks

Something else Alexa is great at is giving you Beauty Hacks. Now who doesn’t love a good beauty hack? The skill was created to share uncommon beauty information to improve your routine. So get busy with Alexa with DIYs or just gather information you probably didn’t know.

Much needed beauty sleep

If there’s one thing you definitely need to add to your beauty routine, it’s getting enough sleep. If you have an Echo device you’re in luck, because Alexa has a few tricks up her sleeve to make you drowsy. One of her sleep inducing skills is Sleep Sounds and yes it produces sounds to get to sleep faster. It’s not the only skill the virtual assistant has though to improve your beauty sleep. Also check out these 5 ways Alexa can get you to sleep.

Ilona Braam

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