AI is your new Instagram fairy godmother

One of the most interesting parts of the Cinderella story is how the fairy godmother was able to instantaneously change Cinderella’s outfit. Like the machine in Star Trek that materializes pretty much anything you’d like to eat from any century. Unfortunately this fairy godmother fashion tech doesn’t exist in the real world yet, but it does if you’re looking for new outfits for your Insta posts. This is how AI is your new Instagram fairy godmother.

DALL-E fashion magic

There are quite a few different AI image-generation programs at the moment and a few of them can generate new outfits for you fairy godmother style. The one we’ll be using here is DALL-E and the great thing is that it’s open for everyone to use with 50 free credits. The program is also pretty simple to use, so it’s a great way to start giving your online wardrobe a boost.

Once you’ve set up your account at you can upload the image that you want to give a new outfit by choosing “upload an image” beneath the input field. You can choose to crop it, or not, and then give the ok to proceed with your selection. After that it’s time to start erasing the part of the image you want your new threads to appear in. Use the eraser at the bottom and change the size of the brush with the slider on the right if needed.

Make space for your new outfit

What to wear?

When you’re done erasing to your heart’s content, it’s time to tell the AI what it should generate for you. You can go for anything you like as long as you can reasonably assume the artificial intelligence will know it. It probably won’t know your mother’s favorite red dress, but it can generate a dress in the style of Elie Saab or Balenciaga for example. Write your wishes in the input field and click generate.

Your brand new one of a kind dress

DALL-E will start generating 4 new outfits for you. It isn’t instantaneously like with the “real” fairy godmother, but it shouldn’t take too long. Cycle through your one of a kind outfits (cause yeah no one else has them) and decide if you’re satisfied. If you are, just click “accept”. There are no take backsies here though. Once you accept, the area you erased will be gone and if you want to generate more you’ll have to go through the whole process of erasing again.

But if you want to create more outfits right away, just go for “cancel”. The AI will still store the generated outfits for you in the “My collection” section, but you get to generate more outfits. You can even give the AI a new description and go for something totally different.

Accept or generate more outfits

Your new AI wardrobe

When you’re done shopping head over to “My collection” to see all your outfits and rejoice. Of course you could use this method to visualize a whole bunch of other things in your pictures. Just erase the area that needs to be dealt with and tell DALL-E what should be there instead.

DALL-E fashion outfits
DALL-E even creates poses

While AI in movies is usually trying to destroy the human race, for now it seems to be eager to make our world more beautiful. Another good guy AI is interiorAI. This artificial intelligence doesn’t give you new outfits, but it gives your rooms a complete makeover.

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