5 Linkedin Learning courses to boost your happiness

Finding true happiness has proven to be a quest ultimately more difficult than bringing the one true ring to the fires of Mount Doom in the land of Mordor. But just like the Lord of the Rings quest, finding happiness isn’t something impossible to achieve. Luckily there are a lot of online resources to help us get there. Check out these 5 Linkedin Learning courses by happiness experts to help you find your bliss.

1. How to train your brain for happiness

In this course happiness professor Jay Kumar, PhD, gives you a toolset of science based exercises and techniques to increase happiness in your life. Some things you’ll be working on are connecting with others, trusting your social brain, overcoming brain wiring, controlling the uncontrollable and separating pleasure from happiness.

Linkedin Learning how to train your brain for happiness
How to train your brain or happiness / Image: Linkedin

2. Life mastery: achieving happiness and succes

In this course coach Chris Croft gives you valuable tips to achieve health, success, and happiness. He explains that there’s no magic formula to happiness, but you can take small steps to achieve the life that you want. A few of the things you’ll learn are how to get more time and energy for the important things in life, by reducing the things that aren’t, how to maintain a positive attitude, and how to eliminate stress.

Linkedin Learning life mastery: achieving happiness and success
Life mastery: achiving happiness and success / Image: Linkedin

3. Reconnect your spark for more happiness at work

If you feel disconnected, utterly bored, and just unhappy at work, this course is for you. In it Maxie McCoy gives you practical ways to reconnect your spark, so you feel more connected, energized, and more joyful. You’ll learn how to use your time intentionally, reduce distractions, connect to teammates and focus on your wins.

Linkedin Learning reconnect your spark for more happiness at work
Reconnect your spark for more happiness at work / image: Linkedin

4. Good vibes, good life

This audio course teaches techniques to change your mindset, which is essential for taking control of your happiness and future. The course explores the power of positive thinking and how your thoughts dictate your reality. Find out how to become more secure and cut toxic people out of your life to find yourself and your bliss.

5. Happiness tips

Who couldn’t use some happiness tips? Coach Cris Croft is all about happiness and has released over 50 tips on things like being grateful, focusing on the bigger picture and savoring experiences. In this course you’ll get practical and actionable techniques for maximizing your day-to-day happiness and finding more time for the things you love.

Linkedin Learning Happiness tips
Happiness tips / Image: Linkedin

6. The five thieves of happiness

This is actually not so much a course as an audiobook abstract of The Five Thieves of Happiness by John Izzo. The author explains that happiness is a natural aspect of all of us. There are however 5 elements, the so called five thieves of happiness, that prevent us from finding our happiness. According to Izzo we don’t have to acquire happiness “just dust if off and put into effect”.

7. How to have a happier workweek

How to have a happier workweek is an audio only course on how to create a happy work environment. It seems to be aimed more at managers or people that have their own business. The theory is that focusing on employee happiness results in higher retention rates and overall happier employees. Nic Marks,  founder and CEO of Friday Pulse (formerly Happiness Works), helps you on your way to creating a fair system for all employees, and cultivating more opportunities and a more enjoyable work environment.

More happiness

Happiness isn’t a straightforward term and there are a lot of different things you can do to achieve it. Check out La Piluly’s August edition on happiness and find out how gratitude, hugging, meditation, and more can all help in becoming a happier person.

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