This is the food your dull hair is begging you for

When it comes to healthy looking hair you can buy a fortune worth of shampoos, masks and serums, but what you really should be focusing on is nurturing your hair from the inside. Because that’s where it all starts and wouldn’t you rather just not need all those expensive hair products to deal with brittle, dry or frizzy hair? If they answer is yes then these are the 7 foods your hair wants to give you luscious locks in return.

1. Spinach for healthy hair

Unfortunately spinach doesn’t make you as strong as Popeye, but it can do wonders for brittle hair. Spinach, just like other green leafy vegetables, is jam packed with essential nutrients, like iron, folate, vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin A. These nutrients work together to keep your scalp healthy and your hair moisturized, so it doesn’t break as easily. A deficiency in these nutrients may lead to hair loss. But watch out, some studies suggest too much vitamin A may also cause your hair to fall out.

2. Grow your hair with eggs

If you love an omelet in the morning, you’re in luck. Eggs are rich in protein and biotin, one of the mighty B vitamins, both of which have been linked to healthy hair growth. As your hair follicles are mostly made out of protein, it’s an important nutrient to add to your diet. Biotin on the other hand is important for the production of the hair protein keratin. It has been linked to improved hair growth and as an added bonus, it’s also great for brittle nails.

eggs hair health

3. Sweet potatoes, hydrated hair

Why not swap your normal fries for sweet potato fries every now and then? Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta carotene, which your body can use to produce vitamin A. As you might know the vitamin is important for your eyes, but it also encourages the glands in your scalp to produce the oily substance called sebum. What is sebum good for? The fluid protects your hair from drying out and that’s exactly what you want. If you’re looking for other natural sources of beta carotene, also try adding mangoes, pumpkins and carrots to your diet.

4. Salmon for shine

Where your body can use beta carotene to make vitamin A, there’s no way to produce omega-3 fatty acids yourself. And those fatty acids happen to be exactly what your hair wants to get that luscious shine. Fortunately fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are a yummy source of omega-3. Eating fatty fish is also a good way to add protein, selenium, vitamin B and vitamin D3 to your dishes.

salmon hair health

5. Avocados toast to healthy hair

Another fabulous food for your hair is the avocado, so avocado toast lovers rejoice. The fruit (yes it’s technically a fruit) is a great source of healthy fats and also contains vitamin E. Although the evidence is conflicting, some studies have found that people with hair loss have lower levels of vitamin E. So we need some more definite evidence on that, but vitamin E does seem to protect the scalp from oxidative stress and damage and that promotes healthier hair.

6. Oysters as building blocks

Something else your hair really loves is zinc. The cells that build hair need the mineral desperately and a lack of zinc has been linked to hair loss. As you might have guessed oysters are a good source of zinc, but we know not everyone is as keen on eating them. If you don’t like slurping salty substances, you could also try lobster, crab, and beef. Good vegetarian options are mushrooms, corn and asparagus.

7. Soybeans for long locks

According to different studies, soybeans are also a great option if you want to eat for healthy hair. It contains the compound spermidine, which seems to promote hair growth. A 2017 study found that the hair of people using a spermidine-based supplement, stayed in the anagen phase longer. This is a phase of active hair growth and the longer the phase, the longer your hair grows.

What about supplements?

These foods are all a great way to naturally get your daily dose of essential nutrients. Of course you could also go for supplements, but be careful not to overdo it. Too much of anything is never good for your body and can cause health issues.

Ilona Braam

Ilona is a Digital Media Design graduate, content writer/creator and a whole bunch of other things. A few words that would describe her are jolly, creative, nerdy, curious and a bit dark.