5 amazing secret websites to save money while shopping

Wouldn’t we all just love to get some free money from a random stranger, just because? Unfortunately we can’t help you with that, but what we can help you with is saving money while shopping online. These secret websites help you pay less for your outfits, accessories, makeup, and a whole bunch of other things.

1. Save money with makeup dupes

Are you hooked on a certain eyeshadow or blush from an expensive brand? Well there’s a way to get that same color and pay a lot less. How do you ask? Just head over to the helpful website Temptalia to find close matching dupes. Every product comes with a similarity score and a side by side comparison, so you can judge for yourself. If you love Gucci’s 49 USD Rosey Beige (05) blush for example, Satin Love by ESSENCE seems to be a good alternative for just 2.99 USD.

Tempalia makeup dupes website
Find cheap makeup dupes / Image: Temptalia

2. Designer clothes for less

When you’re looking for your next great outfit, you don’t necessarily have to buy anything. No we’re not saying you should steal stuff, but you could think about renting that fabulous dress for a lot less than the purchase price. Head over to rentterunway.com to find exciting new threads and accessories to “borrow” for 4 or 8 days. Prices depend on what item and brand you’re going for and where you live. Sometimes you even get a free backup size, so you don’t have to stress out about the fit.

renttherunway.com, rent designer clothes
Get the look and keep most of your money / Image: renttherunway

3. The swapping game

Instead of renting there’s an even cheaper option to get your hands on new clothes: swapping them for some of your own. If you have tops or dresses that you never wear (and you know you do), why not swap them for something else on rehashclothes.com? The website lets you create a digital closet of items you’d like to swap and once that’s done you can start exchanging. The service is completely free, so what’s stopping you?

4. Lowest price on Amazon

The next website that can help you save money is camelcamelcamel, yep that’s what it’s really called. The design of the site might be somewhat lacking, but if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper it’s probably your new favorite online stop. The site keeps track of Amazon price drops in different countries and notifies you if your items are cheaper. You can look for products on the site itself or install the browser extension to save items while you’re browsing Amazon.

Camelcamelcamel Amazon price drops, save money
Free Amazon drop notifications / Image: camelcamelcamel

5. Sneaky eBay finds

This website takes advantage of fat fingered sellers on eBay that misspell their listings. Use FatFingers to find items that have less bids, because the spelling is off and people have a harder time finding them. If you’re looking for a Le Creuset pan for example, you could type “le creuset” on the site. You’ll get a link to eBay listings with common misspellings of the brand, like le creuser, le creusot, crouset, creuste, cresuet, crueset, creuse, and cruset.

FitFingers save money on eBay
Save money with eBay misspellings / Image: FatFingers

Save money while cooking

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back with more money saving tips soon. In the meantime you can lower your electricity bill by just doing a few things differently while cooking your next meal.

Ilona Braam

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